Thread rolling

Having many-year experience in the scope of threading and a modern machinery stock, we ensure 100 percent satisfaction of the client.

Our machinery stock includes: a modern machine for extrusion of threads with output up to 1800 pieces per hour, automatic and manual machines that allow for extrusion from materials with different classes of hardness.

Our offer:

Cold cross rolling of external threads

This method is characterized with driven rolls rotating in the same direction. An element on which the thread is extruded is placed on the rest, and as a result of friction forces, rotational movement is carried out. By in-feed of one of the rolls, thread is extruded on the processed article. In this process we can perform any external metric thread.

Planetary rolling of external threads

Characteristic feature of this method consists in the fact that thread rolling takes place between the concave (immobile) segment and convex (driven) elements. The machined detail performs planetary movement under influence of friction forces.

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