U-bolts are the elements of suspension that combine vehicle axle with the suspension spring. They are used in vehicles that carry loads with large weight: motor trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, delivery trucks or pick-up vehicles.

We started production of these elements in 2000, and as early as in 2005 we became the leader of the European market and the supplier of such global brands as Scania, Daimler, Renault, BPW, Volvo. The motto of our company is the highest quality and full satisfaction of the client, that is why our U-bolts are so reliable. They pass rigorous test of automotive industry, both in our labs and at our clients’ sites. We are in possession of the quality certificate ISO TS 16949, the certificate of occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001 and the environmental protection certificate ISO 14001.

We offer U-bolts:

  • in diversified shape variants
  • with extrusion threads
  • in different steel grades supplied from the leading producers
  • cold-forged or hot-forged
  • with diameter from 8 to 38 mm
  • with top-class anti-corrosive coating Geomet
  • with optional anti-corrosive coating KTL or electrogalvanizing

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