Anti-corrosive coats – coating

Coating of metal elements with anti-corrosive coat Geomet, on the license of NOF METAL COATING protects elements from extreme weather conditions for many years, at the same time being a process neutral for the environment.

It is a special process carried out on the modern, fully automatic line, systematically audited and certified by NOF METAL COATING. This is a very popular coat in automotive industry, used by our largest clients, who are global automotive potentates, such as: Scania, Renault, Volvo, VW, Daimler.

As the only company in Poland, we are able to spray details with overall dimensions of 1100 mm x 1200 mm, and depth up to 220 mm.

Kinds and specifications of our coats:


Anti-corrosive protection >1000 hours in salt spray cabinet according to ISO 9227.

No traces of white rust (zinc corrosion) before the lapse of 250 hours.

Class A: coat weight > 24 g / m², average thickness 5 to 7 micrometers.

Class B: coat weight > 36 g / m², average thickness 8 to 10 micrometers.

GEOMET 321 does not contain heavy metals.


It is the coating that provides the required coefficient of friction on the threaded parts and increases the corrosion resistance.

It is applied to the articles covered before with GEOMET.

PLUS XL - coefficient of friction: 0,06-0,09

PLUS L - coefficient of friction: 0,08-0,14

PLUS VL - coefficient of friction: 0,09-0,14

PLUS ML - coefficient of friction: 0,10-0,16

PLUS M - coefficient of friction: 0.12-0.18

PLUS - coefficient of friction: 0,14-0,20



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