Declaration of company management

Towards recipients

Meeting of the highest standards in production of U-bolts to suspension springs and setting the highest production standards in this line of industry. Ensuring product safety by taking into account the importance of special characteristics (hardness and dimensions of thread) and observing of production process parameters connected with it, which is the obligation of every employee of every organizational rank of the company. Meeting the requirements of 100% precision of deliveries of products with the index of 40 ppm.

Systematic growth of productivity, consistent adjustment of methods of planning and implementing processes to the expectations of the Clients. Checking and confirming during test order all the process parameters, and during audit of the product, all the features of U-bolts.

Application of the Principles of Material Planning and Logistics based on ODETTE Global MMOG/LE.

Requirements of clients are known and checked by the teams of employees, by way of creating: quality plans QAP, PFMEA analysis or other required workshop documentation, as well as offers, and internal checklists.

Using of the EDI system, according to the specific requirements of OEM concerning formats and continuous improvement of the EDI system by SPL and IT departments. Support with computer systems of class MRP II of planning and execution of production process. The systems will be updated according to the latest knowledge in the scope of planning of production processes. Cyclic risk analysis for the main areas of our activity (production, delivery, shipment, IT, safety at work and environmental protection), as well as continuous minimizing of risk by way of:

  • Acting according to time axis when purchasing material for production;
  • Maintaining minimal inventory on the level of 1 week of deliveries;
  • Monthly monitoring of production capacity and bottleneck analysis;
  • Ensuring continuous supply of electric energy and natural gas by double supply systems;
  • Minimizing machine failures by actions aimed at prevention of failures, maintaining necessary inventory of spare parts, preparation and implementation of machinery survey plans.

Towards employees

Owing to the fact, that we belong to Global Compact and include in our company culture the ten basic ethical principles concerning human rights, work standard, environmental protection and counteracting corruption, we believe that business practices rooted in these principles contribute to creation of more stable, just and integrated market. The above principles are a part of company management.

To oblige every employee to account for implementation of quality policy on his/her job position, to treat co-workers, as the Client, who is present on each stage of production and to whom the highest quality of work is guaranteed.

Improvement of conditions of occupational health and safety, and access to information concerning occupational health and safety, as well as undertaken actions and achieved effects in this field, and also on environmental impact of the company.

Continuous improvement of methods of recognizing threats, prevention of accidents at work, events with potential of accidents and occupational diseases, monitoring of emission of pollutants, quantity of produced waste, and implementing preventive actions to guarantee high level of protection of the environment and company employees.

Improving qualifications of environmental consciousness of employees, promotion of attitudes that increase their involvement in actions for quality, environmental protection and for improvement of work conditions.

Towards shareholders

Implementation of operational and financial targets assumed in the budget, and monthly reporting on goals achieved, according to the existing procedures.

Continuous improvement of management systems, monthly definition of tasks and goals, at the same time ensuring the means for their realization.

Towards suppliers

For each grade of material used for production, drawing up of the Purchase Specification, supervised by SPU and QM.

Signing contracts with the main suppliers, taking into account observing of minimal conditions, minimal consignment warehouse inventories, using the required certificates and presenting them for each delivery of materials.

Using the EDI system according to the specific requirements of FTO, minimal for the suppliers of steel used for production of U-bolts.

Control, in a monthly cycle, of precision of deliveries of material for production and putting all efforts, along with suppliers, to achieve 100% precision of deliveries.

Towards third parties

Systematic decrease of any environmental impact exerted by the company, preventing its pollution and creation of any risks.

Dialog with various social groups, in order to recognize their needs and be able to respond to them adequately. Transparency of business activity by way of regular reporting of economic, social and environmental matters, according to GRI guidelines.

The strategy of the Company is subordinated to the above declarations, and this strategy translates to the existing and future programs of development and other actions.

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